The Ukus are a Punk Goes Pop cover band from Honolulu, specializing in rapid-fire punk rock reinterpretations of popular contemporary "island" songs. Originally, The Ukus went by the working name the Hawaiian Punk Rock Band, but when politely asked by a local promoter to change their band name to "anything other than the Hawaiian Punk Rock Band," the band decided to name the themselves after the pidgin word for head lice ukus, and the name stuck! Get it? Anyway, upon accepting the gig and subsequent name change, The Ukus - as the band is known by today - officially formed in August, 2019.

For some time prior, founding member Brian Roberts (hereto thereafter referred to as B-Rob to avoid confusion) had been experimenting with the island styled Punk Goes Pop concept for many years by himself, through various bands [like Leviathan], and musicians with inconsequential results. The concept project was able to finally launch with the help of members from a local karaoke band in late 2018. Shortly thereafter, drummer Kanta and later bassist Amy officially joined the band, and subsequently the temporary band members left the band.

Just as the reconfigured band was ready to start hitting the local circuit again with newer songs having Amy on vocals, the COVID pandemic lockdowns put a stop to everything in early 2020. Kanta recorded drums on what would later become the band's first record, but wound up moving away and leaving the band during the beginning of the pandemic. Brian L (hereto thereafter referred to as Blinkin to avoid confusion) who had previously assisted with the initial launch of the band was then asked to return to the band on drums. While on lockdown, they took to internet with regular Twitch streams, increasing their repertoire of songs while honing their skills together. As restrictions lifted, the band would finally hit the stage with the help of the D.I.Y. Kailua Music School shows.

Kanta would eventually return to Oahu in 2021, and was promptly asked to re-join the band, but this time on guitar rather than drums. The band also released their first single Honolulu City Lights in late 2021 with the help of Nanoweber Records, followed by more music and shows as restrictions began to lift in 2022.

Currently the band is in full swing, gigging often at various bars and venues in Honolulu. They continue to put work on recording their debut album while increasing their catalog of reimagined covers, recording them just as slowly/quickly as they arrange them. The band is also in the process of fundraising with merchandise sales, gathering funds to finance performances at other major cities in the Pacific.