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The Karaoke Stars are a live band karaoke concept based out of Honolulu, Hawai'i. The band was assembled in early 2022 by some remnant members of the defunct Aloha Karaoke Band and other local musicians. As Honolulu began to lift restrictions, the music/bar scene started to resuscitate itself and now you can find the Karaoke Stars guiding amateur and professional singers alike through performances of their favorite songs at both public and private events/venues here in Hawai'i.





If you are a skilled musician interesting in joining the band, you are encouraged to contact us through email at to set up an audition. We meet regularly twice a month; once as a residency gig (every second Friday at Anna O'Brien's) and once as a live rehearsal (every fourth Tuesday at Anna O'Brien's). We also take one-off bookings here and there for private parties, events, etc. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to audition. Temporary residents, multi-project musicians, military, locals, transplants, students, professionals, hobbyists, young, old, are all welcome to apply. These scheduling commitments however would have to be semi-regularly met.

To become a fully incorporated member, the applicant will be expected to be able to proficiently perform all of the songs that are currently available (refer to our song lists). Interested musicians are welcome to "intern" - becoming a live understudy, allowed to perform any of the songs that they currently know - at any of our public shows until they are ready to become independently responsible for the entire repertoire of songs. It is a large task, but we have taken great lengths to produce resources (sheet music, source .mp3s, etc.) that can assist any new musician joining us should they want/need it.


If you interested in booking Karaoke Stars at your venue, or next event, contact us at We are eager to assist you, and have the experience and equipment to be able to install our show in all kinds of various situations. We will always bring the karaoke essentials (lyric tablet, song lists, sign up sheets, QR code table tents, singer's mics, cables to go with, etc.), and are also able to bring our full PA system and backline depending on what will - or won't - be supplied.

Here are some various places we have performed at (but are not limited to):

   • 50th State Fair 2023 (Food Tent)
   • Aloha Tower - Sunset Ballroom (Wedding)
   • Boardriders (Bar in Kailua)
   • Dragon Upstairs (Bar in Downtown)
   • Studyhall (Bar in Mo'ili'ili)
   • Anna O'Brien's (Bar in Mo'ili'ili)
   • Workplay (Lounge in Kaka'ako)