Console is a live V.G.M. (video game music) rock band based out of Honolulu, Hawai'i known for their epic-sounding concerts and playful use of costumes. The group takes turns rearranging and reanimating V.G.M. typically from the 8bit to 32bit retro eras of gaming with the purpose of performing and recording in mind. They hope to continue to do so as they grow their fan base and reach throughout the world.

Console was founded in March, 2017 when guitarists Cullen and Brian met each other by way of YouTube and discussed the possibility of assembling a band after jamming one day. The two had many musical pursuits but found common ground when they realized they both had an interest in performing V.G.M.. Brian had already been performing some V.G.M. with his metal band Leviathan by this time, but didn't get a chance to pursue V.G.M. seriously until he met Cullen. Now with Cullen's help, Brian invited his long time keyboard friend Eric who also had a passion for V.G.M. to join the band. The three began arranging and rehearsing what would become the material for Console's debut album as they sought out other members to join the band. When they finally got a full line up and a catalog of songs, the band took to open mics and showcase concerts until eventually landing the coveted Kawaii Kon gig in 2019.

During the COVID pandemic lockdowns founding member Cullen moved away and left the band. The band pivoted; rather than trying to find a replacement and look for live shows, they decided to focus on recording independently and online performance through the popular game-oriented streaming platform Twitch. Console would complete 14 episodes of the Chillin' at Proto Man Sam's series, as well as perform at Bonus Stage X.

Eventually key member Eric would away and leave the band, and with his departure it seemed like the band was going to be on a hiatus indefinitely. But then drummer Reece answered an old tired out Craiglist posting seeking V.G.M. musicians and it reinvigorated the group. With Reece joining the band, Brian asked keyboard (cat) friend Reika to help the band with the keyboard parts and the band was able to function once more!




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