Brian's an extremely generous, knowledgable, friendly and helpful teacher! He's a teacher that leads with integrity and I'm so grateful for our time together. I think he's perfectly capable of teaching students who range from true beginners to highly skilled

I've been taking lessons with Brian for the past 4 months and I've learned a lot about music theory in such a short time. I can now easily find the key and chords of songs and I learned a system that allow me to play any chord. Brian is very organized in his lesson plans and always makes them interesting. I recommend Brian to anyone passionate to learn about music.

Brian's the dude to see if you want to become a better musician. I'm an actor and I was cast in a play has a banjo player in a production set in 1910. My character plays a 3 string cigar box guitar and I had very little experience. I reached to Brian because I was familiar with the multitude of bands I knew he plays with, unaware he was a teacher as well.

In a single hr long session with an homemade instrument he was unfamiliar with he taught me how to consistently perform When the Saints Go Marching In, Yankee Doodle Dandy, the opening of Dueling Banjos, as well as help me compose an original melody to play along with one's of the songs in the play. Helping me with my successful 4 week run in the show. Would recommend him 10 out 10 times. 5 stars

Brian's system is unlike any other instructors. He's well-versed in his craft, teaches it methodically, and gives a ton of resources to better yourself in music.

I took ukulele lessons with Brian. He explained the instrument, keys, chords, and music theory in a way that was simple to understand. It's really not about memorizing, and anyone can get it with some time and help. Brian is also very professional and really loves teaching these concepts. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn an instrument.

I have been playing guitar for about 15 years, but mostly through tab. However, I wanted to understand theory and music on a deeper level. In my experience, Brian has been an amazing, patient teacher, and helped me further understand a lot of what I was listening to in the music I enjoyed. Previously, I was always proud that I was self-taught, but after taking lessons with Brian I wish I could go back in time and learn everything he taught me when I was younger.

I've had the pleasure of taking lessons from Brian for 2 years now and can not speak highly enough about my time spent learning from him. Brian was very responsive to my goals of where I wanted to progress with guitar. Taking classes weekly kept me on track with my goals and I couldn't be happier with my progress. His knowledge of music theory is so valuable and I now am at a place where I am comfortable with writing songs. Thank you Brian!

Good to see you pop up on my feed. I've been meaning to share with you that I played my first live show recently! It was epic. I can only thank you for teaching me the ropes and giving me the tools to build on my practice. Even years after taking lessons with you I still use the fundamentals you taught me. Thanks again man!

You will not go wrong taking lessons with Brian. I have been taking lessons with Brian for about a year. He is:

- Professional
- Knowledgeable
- Passionate

Especially if you want to learn to play by ear, he is your guy. Listening to a song you like, want to figure out the key just by listening to it? Check. Learn the chord progressions of that song just by listening? Check. Now, add learning the melody and strumming patterns, all by ear - check. He breaks you free from having to have sheet music or someone explaining it to you on Youtube.

And as a bonus he started having jam sessions where students get together in a studio and learn to play with others. Nervous about playing in front of others? You'll kick that timidness to the curb in 3 or 4 jam sessions. Fun, addictive, and a great way to meet people.

I highly recommend Brian.

Brian is an awesome guitar teacher! He's really easy to work with, friendly and seems like he is genuinely passionate about teaching guitar, which is rare to find! The internet can only do so much, and Brian really helped me fill in the sizable gaps of knowledge I had, and his lessons only get me more excited and motivated to pick up the guitar daily.

Fantastic personalized guitar lessons. Brian presents music lessons in a very easy, digestible way and offers a variety of options schedule-wise which has made it great to learn during COVID. I highly recommend him for lessons!!

After finding my son's electric guitar and amp in a closet, long unused, I decided maybe this 60 something could learn to play it. After searching on line and seeing the great reviews on Yelp, I trepidly contacted Brian to see if he took in older students. He has a complimentary one hour consultation which I did and from that decided to give it a go for a few months. This was almost two years ago! Brian is an excellent teacher. He is passionate about guitar playing and teaching. He started out teaching mechanics as in chords and scales and gradually incorporated music theory into each lesson. Since about the fourth lesson, I was shown songs that I could play along with simple chord progressions or pentatonics. I appreciate his patience and flexibility with my travel schedule and family obligations. This year with COVID, I have been able to take lessons using Skype. I'm impressed by his professionalism--he keeps detailed notes on my progression, sends reminders for lessons as well as notes and a tape of the lesson afterwards. I would easily recommend Brian for anyone interested in learning guitar or improving their guitar skills, regardless of age!

I have been playing guitar for over 10 years (self taught/YouTube videos type of learning). I would say I'm a a fairly competent guitar player, but I've been having the hardest time getting to the next level of guitar playing for the past few years so I decided to take my first guitar lesson. MY MIND WAS BLOWN in this hour lesson and I'm super excited to learn more. Brian has a great ability to explain complex (at least in my mind) concepts and break them down to easy-to-understand chunks and I've learn more in this hour than I have on the past few months. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking to learn, whether you're just starting or someone like me, just trying better my musicality and understanding guitar playing!!!

The only guitar instructor you want.
Don't ask questions, just sign up.
Great with kids, even difficult ones like me.

Brian is an awesome teacher! I had learned a bunch of stuff on the internet, but I came to a point where my progress had seemed to come to a stop. The internet has a lot of useful information, however nothing beats having a real instructor.

I Found Brian online (pretty sure it was Yelp) and I'm glad I did. Brian is very friendly and helpful. His way of teaching is very practical and he helped me understand a lot if things I had tried to learn online, but never got a solid understanding of. Brian also gave me a lot of useful practice tips which helped me progress. He is very professional and kept organized notes of what we covered and what we were still working on. Brian is also pretty flexible with scheduling and was able to accommodate changes to my lesson times if I had other things come up. (Keep in mind, I did give him a reasonable amount of notice.) Definitely recommend Brian to anyone who wants to learn guitar or improve their current guitar skills!

From the moment my 17 year old (now 18) daughter and I met Brian for her very first guitar lesson we felt totally at ease. Brian is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, patient, and very cool! Brian makes learning easy for my daughter to learn and she enjoys every minute of each lesson.

After each lesson he sends her the information they covered in the lesson and he sends reminders for your upcoming lesson. I highly recommend Brian to anyone wishing to learn to play the guitar or to improve their skill.

Brian has taken both of my kids from absolute beginner to understanding basic music theory. They both really enjoy his classes. I also appreciate that he records the lessons so they can go back and review as needed.

Brian is both a gigging musician and a gifted instructor. He distills theory into clear and understandable lessons. Highly intuitive, he knows just when to say what to ease learning. Brian offers videos of each lesson which you can review at home for practice and recall. Kudos to the best guitar and bass mentor on Oahu!

Legit great guitar teacher! My 14 yr. old has been with him for several months and LOVES it! He's having fun and learning a lot of technical thing that I don't understand. He is very knowledgeable. As a mom I appreciate his dependability, he sends weekly texts to remind me of the upcoming lesson and he let's me know in advance when he'll be on vacation or unavailable (not that it's often).

I think the world of Brian. He is very intelligent, takes his role as a music teacher very seriously, is extremely organized giving structured lessons, and is very knowledgeable. Lessons with Brian have been quite a bargain for me. He's taught me so much related to how chords are assembled and has given me an incredible leap forward understanding how music notes and chords fit together and can progress.

Learning to play the guitar was one of the top things on my bucket list. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I found BRGA on Yelp. Based on all of the great reviews (and they are ALL spot on!), I decided to take Brian up on his offer for a free 1 hour class. Being that I am a complete beginner starting later in life, it was a bit intimidating to say the least. After that first class, I was hooked! I am not going to lie, it's not easy, but Brian makes it fun and non-stressful. With Brian's extensive skills, knowledge, experience, patience, and knack to teach, I have gained a greater appreciation for the guitar than I ever imagined. Brian's curriculum builds a solid foundation that everyone at their own level and pace can progress upon.
Brian is extremely organized and makes every minute count in my lessons. He videos the lessons and posts them privately, which helps be tremendously between lessons. Also, he is always available by text or email!
My family & friends are so amazed to hear how much I love learning to play, despite it being challenging. I am so happy that I found BRGA!
Thank you Brian for being such a great teacher!!!
I would highly recommend BRGA!

Brian is the best instructor I have ever met. Thanks to Brian my skills have improved and I have learned more from him than the last 10 years of lessons from others. He is absolutely amazing and worth every penny.

I originally reached out to Brian Roberts Guitar Academy looking for guitar lessons. There were a few options available to me at the time, but I decided to give BRGA a chance because it seemed like the best fit for me and I'm glad I did. It's been two almost three years now. I don't regret my time with him because compared from two years ago, I know so much more about guitars in general, than if I didn't attend.

For the amount of students he has and the amount of work he puts in for each student, the price is just right. You're paying for quality instruction. I mean you even get your own personalized video for every session you go to! If that's not quality, then I don't know what is.

I live up in the North Shore side of the island and I have to commute to Honolulu for guitar lessons. Due to traffic and other circumstances, there have been many a time where I was just a few minutes late. Brian is such a good person that he actually stayed with me after our allotted time slot. You know, he didn't have to, but he did and that's why I appreciate him and our time together. A lot of people are in it for the money, but he's in it to make you a better player and makes sure you understand the material.

I had been playing guitar for about a year and a half before coming to him, so I had the basic understanding of notation and theory. Even when self studying and researching online on my own, I often found the things Brian was teaching were also things encouraged by others to learn first which solidified my confidence in him as an instructor.

The main thing though is that he is going to teach you about guitar and music theory. So if you're just trying to only learn songs or from tabs, then you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you just speak with him, I am sure he will work with you. Theory is a bit complex at first but if you give it time, you will slowly start to get it. He's got great analogies to help you understand the material better. Some of the things you will learn include: chords/bar chords, chord progressions, the nashville number system, and many other things.

So all in all, if you, your child or your friend are looking for guitar lessons, then I recommend going to him. He's friendly and professional and clearly knows what he's teaching about. Personally, in my opinion, he's one of the best on the island.

I had been dreaming and procrastinating on taking lessons for years. On my 29th birthday my fiance decided to sign me up with Brian Roberts Guitar Academy to see if it was in my cards or not to one day play. Lucky to say it has been a blessing working with Brian. I have been attending bi-weekly lessons from July 2016 to now (8 months). I had no experience and am a lefty living in a right handed world. Brian quickly gave me some pro-tips, for one I'm learning to play right handed, which I believed to be a bigger challenge than it actually is. He broke down the essentials, built a solid foundation for me as his lessons I believe are customized to the student so this was perfect. So far we have learned all the basic Open Chords which I can now play with ease, the Pentatonic Scales, Ear Training, Bar Chords and Diatonic Scales is now the agenda. Aside from the curriculum he follows he is always open to moving in a direction I find interesting or he assists in addressing challenges that I need to overcome such as strumming since that is my non-dominant hand.
In summary, I'd recommend him to anyone. It's been such an adventure so far and I'm having a great time learning and look forward to every lesson. Thanks​ Brian for what you do, you're a great teacher. Mahalo

Brian is a great guitar instructor who helped me immensely. I have been playing for many years including playing 2nd guitar in a local, gigging cover band. I went to Brian to improve my ability to play lead fluently and with more intentional note choice over the changes. In less than a lesson, Brian identified the gaps in my knowledge and set up a lesson plan to address them. Each lesson with Brian gave me weeks of concepts to explore and improve upon. Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge, Brian.

If you're a beginning, intermediate or even advanced guitar player who wants to get better, IMHO lessons with Brian are one of the best ways to get there. Best return I have gotten on any musical investment.

Brian is a passionate teacher. He gives guitar lessons from his home, provides parking for his students, and films the entirety of his lessons. Recently, he hosted an optional recital for his practice at Osoyami Bar & Grill, which was a fun event to witness. If you want to learn to play to guitar, or further your understanding or ability with the instrument, give the guitar academy a call!

Amazing teacher. Brian teaches you about music in a way that feels natural and not intimidating. Absolutely recommended for anyone at any age.

My 17 year old son has been taking private guitar lessons from Brian for over a year now. Under Brian's tutelage, he has progressed from a complete non-player to an enthusiastic budding musician who can play entire songs, including Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, Dust in the Wind by Kansas, and the theme from Howl's Moving Castle.

Brian is extremely down to earth, easy to talk to, and patient, making his classes fun and non-stressful. One thing we love is that he videotapes the sessions and sends them to the students to review whenever they want. This makes home practice much more productive and helps the students improve at a quicker pace. Classes are affordably priced and offered at convenient times. My son takes his lessons on quiet Sunday afternoons which works perfectly with his hectic school and sports schedule.

My only regret is not starting his lessons sooner. Brian is an outstanding and charismatic teacher. We thank him for sharing his gift of music and highly, highly recommend him!

I have no music background and always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Brian offers private lessons at his home and all lessons are recorded so you can reference back later. I have to say it was difficult in the beginning but after a few months I'm enjoying both my electric and acoustic guitar, thanks Brian!

My 16 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons for the past few months and has made great progress. He is an excellent instructor! Thanks Brian!!!

I have been taking lessons for 4 months now from Brian and I have learned to play a few chords, scales and some songs. Brian also teaches music theory so, not only you learn how to play, but why. He's a excellent guitarist himself and a great teacher, very patient and professional and breaks things down so it's fun, easy to understand and keeps you engaged throughout the entire lesson. If you'd like to learn how to play the guitar. I would highly recommend giving Brian a call. He's a gifted teacher.

All around outstanding! Brian is very knowledgeable, very patient, and has a knack for personalizing lessons to what the student wants to learn.

I came to Brian with some experience, and very little understanding of the guitar, and he has taught me a lot! I wanted to be able to create, not simply regurgitate songs other people write, and I am well on my way to Jamming and Writing music confidently!

It's nice to see the guitar school growing too. Recently Brian added a webcam for recording lessons, making it that much easier for his students to access and review their previous lessons!

No matter your skill level Brian will surely be a great addition to your journey as a guitarist. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Brian!

I have been playing guitar for many years without really knowing what I was doing, I would strum a song based on chords online but that was the extent. After trying to do a bar chord unsuccessfully for a long time, and being very frustrated I was starting to distance myself from the guitar. For Christmas my wife realized my guitar frustrations and setup lessons at Brian Roberts's guitar academy. My last and only lesson for music was back in 5th grade when I was playing the recorder, nearly 25 years ago. That being said, I was a bit hesitant to go to a formal guitar lesson. Long story short, now I have been to 6 lessons and have absolutely loved every lesson. I am amazed at the level of understanding of Brian Roberts and the ability to convey the information to a musical novice. The environment is comfortable, with parking available. Also, Brian records each lesson and posts it privately online, this was a huge help, because there is so much information to remember. After the lesson you can go home and review / practice with the YouTube video (a huge plus). Now I feel like the guitar is a whole new instrument and I have a much greater understanding of it. And yes, I can now play a handful of various bar chords that I never could before. The lessons are very affordable also, absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend Brian Roberts guitar academy.

I've been playing the guitar off and on for about ten years and was looking for someone to really push me to a different level. I've tried a few other teachers and I felt fairly disengaged and didn't end up sticking with it. I was so happy to find Brian -- he's easy to get along with, professional, flexible with your schedule, and really listens to your personal aspirations.

Brian records his sessions, is responsive to the needs of his students, and teaches through actual practice of songs that interest the student. I am at a totally different level than when I began my practice with Brian and enjoy playing the guitar much much more. Highly recommend.

Brian is very professional and has a nice set up with video recording and a fan (excellent!). He asked a lot of questions to determine my level of skill and then come up with appropriate exercises. I enjoyed my first lesson and will be back for more!
Bonus: VIP PARKING available for every student :D

Great energy, very comfortable environment, super affordable. Brian has exceptional knowledge and passion for music and the guitar, which is evident during every lesson.

Small room with top of the line equipment. Convenient parking.

After years of putting it off, decided to take guitar lessons. I am a beginner and Brian has no problem teaching anyone at different levels. He is a great instructor; patient and yet will motivate you to want to learn and progress. He tailors lessons to what you want to learn and your music interests. After 3 lessons I was already playing a song. He records all lessons so you watch them later as a reminder. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve.

Very knowledgeable. Very patient and professional. Low key. Records all sessions so you are able to review the lesson. This is very helpful. Very accessible, parking is super convenient.

Expect great things from guitar academy! Brian is a versatile guitarist with tons of experience under his belt. His lessons tailor to the needs of the student and he is more then happy to attend to a specific area in order to see a paramount experience. Parking is available and the time schedule is flexible.

Brian is an outstanding guitar instructor. I'm 41 years old and have been playing for years and he tailors the lessons to my ability and not into a set by the book (canned) lesson plan. He also pushes me to go further than my abilities and then works me up to it, and the lessons are just plain fun. Highly recommend.

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